Fall Over for Perfection

It's the first day of school for lots and lots of folks out there. Some people are starting new jobs, some children are starting new grades and new schools. Some people are even starting to redecorate... Needless to say it was a busy busy morning, lots of hustle and bustle in the streets of NY today. It was no different at Skatemoderne. We were busy busy busy with production for our Fall Collection and are very excited to share a sneak peek at what we believe, and I'm sure you will agree, THE PERFECT COFFEE TABLE! 54 x 54 Perfectly Square. Perfect for spaces with 2 long couches. Perfect to put your feet up. Perfect to put your red glass of wine on. Perfect to put your fancy books on. JUST PERFECT. Undoubtedly The Skatemoderne Perfect Coffee Table will be a must have... But don't take my word for it, take a look for yourself. So perfect!! You'll just fall in love with the french polished Macassar base with Flawless Faux Ivory Border. Peace, -M #2 of M Squared (MAD)
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